What They Didn't Teach Us About Running a Business in Law School

with Neil Tyra


Do you ever feel like what you learned in law school didn't prepare you for the world of running a law practice? Law school didn't teach us how to start our practices the right way so we could scale them into a thriving business. We didn't learn how to make sure that our businesses would meet our financial goals and provide the type of lifestyle we deserve. After ten years, I was fed up with struggling in my practice and decided to begin a journey to scaling a

successful practice that would actually allow me to finally live the life I've always dreamed of. I invite you to listen in on the conversations I'm having with some of the most successful solo and small firm practitioners  along with leading business entrepreneurs and share how I am implementing what I am learning. All with the goal of helping you take control of your practice, and your life. This is The Law Entrepreneur.

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Ep. 34 – Amy Griboff: Transitioning Out Of Solo Practice


Neil chats with Amy Griboff about how she started her solo practice, and now in this stage of her life she is making the transition out of that type of position.
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Ep. 33 – Experiences From A Modern Solo Practitioner – with Dana Bucy Miller


Neil chats with Dana Bucy Miller about her experience post-graduation and how she started her solo practice. Notable mentions from Dana include the absolute importance of social media for marketing, something that older generations of lawyers usually shy away from.

Listen to the episode here

Ep. 32 – The 10 Favorite Podcasts of the Law Entrepreneur


Neil yaks by himself this time around, and shares his ten favorite podcasts!

Listen to the episode here

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I Suck at Being Accountable…

There is no productivity system or tool that I can’t ignore and make useless. Honestly. I am the worse. In order to juggle three jobs (attorney, podcaster, business owner) – or maybe it’s four or five if you add social butterfly and family – I have an elaborate productivity system designed to keep me on track, moving forward, and accomplishing great things. And yet, it is a system that I can successfully ignore or change whenever it is needed such that I don’t get nearly as much accomplished as I ought to or want to.


The Good Times (Vegas), The Bad Times (Sick)

Yep, that pretty much describes why I haven’t written anything for awhile. First I was out at the Lawyernomics 2016 conference in Las Vegas sponsored by AVVO.


Success! We Are Up and Running on iTunes!

Finally, we are up and running on iTunes! What a journey. I really want to thank Geoff Woods of The Mentee Podcast who provided the coaching to get us here.


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