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Ep. 62 – You’re Getting Married and Starting Your Firm Together?

Neil chats with Manny & Rada Machin, a husband and wife legal team who launched their own small firm out of law school. We explore the challenges of running a small firm, the unique challenges of running a business with your spouse, and how small firms can leverage technology to cut costs & improve the…

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Ep. 58 – The Secret Behind SEO for Lawyers with Edmund Yan

Neil chats with Edmund Yan, a former litigation lawyer who transitioned to estate planning with no book of business. It’s always difficult to start a new practice, especially when you don’t start with any clients, but Yan is thriving. He built a strong referral network and implemented an effective digital marketing strategy, which made him…

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Ep. 57 – Pay Per Click Brilliance

Neil chats with Yan Roos, who is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and founder of Expert Engines. Using techniques developed while building national brands in the hypercompetitive consumer products space, his company has helped small and solo law firms in the most crowded markets in the US generate hundreds of thousands in case billings every year.…

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