Ep. 54 – One Year Thank You and My Gift to You

In this episode Neil marks the one year anniversary of the launch of The Law Entrepreneur with a few thank yous and his gift to you – the listeners. Hear how, based on what he has learned from his guests on the show, he launched a networking referral group and the step-by step actions he took to create the Sempai Networking Group.


We want to recognize and thank two guys who make the show much more professional than it really is:

  • Geoff Woods – The Mentee Podcast (www.menteepodcast.com) – season 2 now hosted by Adam Eidson
    • My personal mentor and coach
    • Really helped shape the purpose of the show and its direction
    • Helped me launch and take the show to a higher level
    • The One Thing Podcast (www.the1thing.com) – is Geoff’s newest project
  • Cody Boyce


Neil references lessons learned from the following individuals and episodes:

  • Successful solo/small firm attorneys
    • Tom Simeone #1, Julie Tolek#30, Shawn McBride #50
  • Entrepreneurs
    • Derek Coburn #5, Tom Lambotte #16, Steve Rile #48
  • Gadget/Service Folks
    • Zvi Band #4, Larry Port #14, Amin Rahmani #41


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Thank you to our sponsors!

  • Daylite by Marketcircle – business productivity apps specifically for Apple products, with cloud syncing between your Macs, iPhones, & iPads
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