Ep. 58 – The Secret Behind SEO for Lawyers with Edmund Yan

Neil chats with Edmund Yan, a former litigation lawyer who transitioned to estate planning with no book of business. It’s always difficult to start a new practice, especially when you don’t start with any clients, but Yan is thriving. He built a strong referral network and implemented an effective digital marketing strategy, which made him more visible to potential clients… and his colleagues.

Edmund now has a second business in which he helps lawyers and other professionals generate more traffic, leads, and business through digital marketing. In today’s episode, he explains the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and the secret behind SEO for lawyers.

Edmund also has a special offer for you: you will receive 50% off digital marketing services for the one month by contacting Edmund and mentioning The Law Entrepreneur podcast. You can email him at Edmund (at) YanMedia (dot) com.


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