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It’s Taking Longer Than I Expected


Jeez…this is taking a little while, isn’t it? So the plan originally was to have launched the podcast in early January. When that didn’t happen, I pushed it back internally to no later than my birthday at the end of January. And now? Well, looks like we are finally going to launch VERY SOON now. (What does that mean?)

A week from today. Monday, February 22nd is the date. I am drawing a line in the sand and we are going to launch that date come what may.

The hold up has been the website. More accurately, the hold up has been my ability to create and update the website. Which given that I own two other websites (one for my law firm and one for my previous martial arts school) and hold an undergraduate degree in information systems management, you would not think it would be that difficult.

But I suffer from an affliction that effects a lot of entrepreneurs – perfectionism. I really wanted the website to knock everyone’s socks off. And frankly, what I am learning is that good enough is usually good enough. The point is to get the website up and running and have a place to load the episodes that we have recorded and start and build our audience. So I think we are there. There are a couple of links and functions that need to be fleshed out a little more but the basics are there.

So…Monday, February 22nd it is. Stay tuned for The Law Entrepreneur.

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