348. Standing Out in a Hyper-Saturated Market with Shane McClelland

Today, my guest is Shane McClelland. Shane is a personal injury attorney in Katy, Texas, and Shane recently transitioned to a solo practice. He was in a partnership with some other attorneys before that, and before that big law. We talk about where he is as a solo practitioner and what he’s learned along the way. Some of those are lessons that all of us could benefit from, especially in this highly-competitive area of personal industry in a highly-competitive region of the country. It’s one of the places in the country that is rife with very experienced, and excellent personal injury attorneys, and the competition is stiff, so there’s a lot to be learned from somebody who’s competing in that market as a solo practitioner.


In this episode, Neil and Shane discuss:

  • Lessons learned as a personal injury attorney. 
  • Running a solo law practice in the hyper-competitive market in Houston, TX.
  • Utilizing tech to run your firm.
  • Niching down and becoming known for what you do. 


Key Takeaways:

  • It’s called an attorney-client relationship for a reason. Be creative with staying in touch with former clients, build relationships while you’re working with them, and stay top of mind with those clients. 
  • When you niche down, it doesn’t just have to be by area of law, it can also be geographical and it can have a huge, positive impact on your firm. 
  • The law is always changing, focusing in on one thing will allow you to become an expert in that area. 
  • Use tech that allows you to run your practice in the most efficient way for you, as well as in the best way for your clients to build that strong relationship is more likely to lead to referrals. 


“I think what I would do differently is I would pick one thing, and then focus primarily on that one thing. The longer that I’m out on my own, and the more established we get, the more we’re narrowing in and focusing in on just the personal injury stuff.” —  Shane McClelland


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 Show notes by Podcastologist Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie


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