Ep. 78 – How to Use Tablets in Your Law Practice – with Brett Burney

Brett Burney is an E-Discovery Consultant – that means he goes all around the country “bridging the chasm between the legal and technology frontiers of electronic discovery.” Brett recently released a new course, iPractice on an iPad, which does just what the name implies: teaching you how to conduct your law practice using an iPad as your primary tool. However, you don’t need to use an iPad, or even Apple products, to get some incredibly useful (and practical) tech tips from this episode.

Here’s an example of how an iPad can help in your practice: the Easy-Peasy “Print” to PDF feature.

Let’s say you want to create a PDF of an e-mail you received. To do that…

  • Just make like you’re going to PRINT the message (which is under the “Reply” arrow)…
  • but instead of selecting a Printer, place your thumb & finger on the Print Preview and spread them apart, or zoom-out, or pinch-out.
  • Behold! It turns into a PDF file!

Now you can use the “Share menu” in the upper right corner to upload this PDF file to Dropbox, or open it in another app like PDF Expert so you can highlight text.

Or maybe you want to convert a web page into a PDF. Use the “Share menu” to “Print” it, zoom-out on the Print Preview, and you have a PDF!! (Going into the Reader Mode in Safari gives you a cleaner PDF without all the ads and junk.)

Now you could attach this to an e-mail message to send to a colleague or client, or upload it to OneDrive.

You can also do this from the Notes app, or virtually any app where you have the ability to “Print.” It’s even a good way to quickly export a note from Evernote to PDF. Brett has long used apps like PDF PROvider and PDF Converter to convert files and text to PDF, and he still uses those apps from time to time for their additional features, but this easy, BUILT-IN “Print to PDF” option on iOS is so incredibly handy!

If you’d like to see this in action, click to watch “3 Amazingly Useful iPad Tips for Lawyers” at http://appsinlaw.com/3-amazingly-useful-ipad-tips-for-lawyers/


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