352. Building a Thriving Practice as a Busy Mom with Miriam Airington-Fisher

Today, my guest is Miriam Airington-Fisher. And Miriam is a law firm owner in the Richmond, Virginia area, who quite humbling to me, has been a longtime listener of The Law Entrepreneur and credits the program for helping her shape her practice as she was starting out as a solo practitioner in the criminal defense world, while trying to raise initially one and now three children at the same time. We talk about that journey, how convoluted and complex that journey can be for working moms, and how, through that discovery, she came to author a book called Mom’s a Lawyer: Start a Firm and Take Control of Your Life, which then also gave rise to a course called Law Firm Launch. You’re going to hear that whole span of development and growth from Miriam and it’s just quite literally fascinating to me. I hope you enjoy it!

In this episode, Neil and Miriam discuss:

  • Balancing parenthood and running a law firm. 
  • Building a firm to fit your lifestyle, regardless of practice area. 
  • Increasing your fees and providing excellent customer service. 
  • Strategic hires to grow your firm.


Key Takeaways:

  • You aren’t going to know everything you need to know when you first build your practice and begin running it as a business. 
  • You do not need to build your firm like everyone else’s. You can create systems and designate roles in a way that works for you and your team. 
  • You can set reasonable boundaries and expectations while still being a diligent attorney. 
  • The number one reason women (up to ⅓)  leave a legal career at the height of their career is because of family and home pressures. 


“I want to have a successful practice that serves as many people as we can. I want to have an office culture that is healthy, and that supports our team members excelling professionally, but also having a work-life balance.” —  Miriam Airington-Fisher


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