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On this page you will find references and links to those resources that The Law Entrepreneur actually uses in the production of our podcast, the running of our law firm, or that we highly endorse because we know the folks in charge. What you won't find is a reference or link to something we don't use or don't know or who simply wanted to pay us to advertise their product.


Virtual Receptionist

My very favorite and personal receptionist service. Their friendly, live receptionists and proprietary technology make Ruby® your solution to delivering excellent customer experiences. Customized for your business, and integrated with your day, they're here to help you focus on your business while they WOW your callers and win you business!

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Digital Marketing

Spotlight Branding is a different kind of legal marketing company. They don’t put their clients on the SEO hamster-wheel or push you to spend thousands on pay-per-click ads. Instead, they work with solo and small law firms to stay top-of-mind with your network to increase referrals, which we all agree are the best kinds of clients. For many years, they were my digital marketing specialists and I can not endorse them more highly,

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Customer Relations Management (CRM)

For many years, I have used Daylite as my customer management platform. It organizes all my cases, clients, contacts, calendar, to-dos, emails – all in one app. And it’s with me everywhere because it’s on my Mac, iPhone & iPad. If I get a call from a client when I’m out of the office, I can quickly pull up the details of the case on my iPhone - and then jot down some notes after the call and it’s all organized in one spot. Daylite is one of the tools I use to stay organized and increase efficiency.

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As you probably know, I switched my case management tool to Clio some time ago and I have been thoroughly happy having done so. Virtually anything you need to do to manage and grow your law practice is provided for in Clio. And being one of the largest, if not the largest, practice management platform, their integration with other tools makes for a seamless and robust workflow environment.

Click here for more info. Trust me, you can not go wrong with Clio.

It is amazing how many attorneys are unfamiliar with how to set up a legal entity for a business. Yet, at the same time despite whatever your practice area might be, it is one of the most frequently asked questions of solo and small firm practitioners. Now instead of referring that business out, you can provide that service simply, cost-effectively, and reliably.

BetterLegal is the fastest and most affordable way for business owners to set up their Business. They file with your state the same day so you'll have your business created within 2 business days.

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My favorite video production company of all time. I am delighted to be a client of theirs.
Crisp Video Group provides video production and marketing using a method they developed for telling your law firm's story in a way that creates an emotional appeal while sharing what separates you from a sea of competitors. They provide premium legal video marketing for attorneys and law firms that simply want the best. 

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Next Level Law Practice is a ten-week training program that walks you step-by-step through the process of planning, launching, and operating your own transactional firm. It's focused just on estate planning and business law, so absolutely everything in the program was relevant to the kind of practice you wanted to build.

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Practice Panther is one of the leading law practice and case management software systems available today. I love their level of integration with existing  tools and resources that allow you to craft and maintain automated workflows to improve efficiency. Practice Panther does it all (CRM, communication, billing, and case management) from any location for any type of law practice.

Click here for more info, try the software for free, and get 10% of your first year's subscription.

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Everything you need to ​create, grow, and monetize YOUR podcast, including:
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