403. 5 Best AI Tools For Lawyers To 5x Your Productivity

In this episode, Neil and Sam dive into the transformative world of AI tools for lawyers. Sam, who has meticulously tested hundreds of apps, is here to share the most practical and valuable ones that can dramatically boost your productivity and revolutionize your practice. From practical uses of mobile AI assistants and advanced speech enhancement, to powerful organizational tools and more, this episode is packed with insights to help you cut through the noise and focus on what truly matters. Tune in to unlock the secrets of maximizing efficiency and achieving a balanced, happy life in the legal industry.

Key Takeaways from Neil and Sam:

  • The ChatGPT Mobile App is an incredibly versatile tool that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional search apps. It provides instant answers, helps create engaging social media content, and offers on-the-go brainstorming. With its ability to handle text, images, spoken conversations, and even file uploads like PDFs, it’s a comprehensive solution for various needs.
  • Adobe Enhance Speech improves audio clarity in videos by reducing background noise and enhancing vocal quality. It uses advanced algorithms to make spoken words sound clearer and more professional, significantly enhancing the overall listening experience.
  • Evernote AI offers tools for efficient note-taking and organization. Its features automatically categorize and tag notes, enhance search functions to find text within images and handwritten notes, suggest related content, recognize handwriting, and provide templates and formatting options, improving productivity and ease of use.
  • Grammarly AI Writing Assistance accelerates the writing process by generating polished drafts from basic instructions, offering rewriting suggestions, adjusting tone and formality, brainstorming new ideas, and expediting email replies. It ensures error-free writing with a Chrome extension available for free or through paid plans, making it indispensable for virtual assistants and everyday writing tasks. 
  • MacWhisper Transcription excels in quickly and accurately converting audio files, videos, and YouTube content into text. This tool is perfect for transcribing meetings, lectures, and advertisements into accessible text, enhancing productivity and ensuring important information is readily available.


“My experience with ChatGPT is that it’s way more conversational and the results are dependent. They look to be more resolved the better you pose the question.” —  Neil Tyra

“I’ve seen so many tools that I know what’s really actually practical and usable versus the gimmicky ones. And there’s a lot of gimmicky ones. I would say probably over 80 percent are not necessary at all.” —  Sam Mollaei

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