404. 5 Biggest Mistakes Law Firm Owners Should Avoid To Have Their Best Year Yet (Part 1)

In this episode, divided into two parts, Neil and Sam delve into some of the most common pitfalls that law firm owners face and how to steer clear of them. Drawing from personal experiences and industry insights, they share practical advice to help you avoid costly mistakes and achieve a balanced, successful practice. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your approach, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways that can transform your law practice and personal life. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation and gain insights that can make a real difference in your journey as a law entrepreneur!

Key Takeaways from Neil and Sam:

  • Not Owning Your Own Marketing Assets: Ensure that all marketing assets, including ad accounts, websites, email lists, and social media profiles, are created and maintained under your ownership to prevent losing control over these critical resources and to enhance the value of your firm.
  • Analysis Paralysis: Avoid indecision by committing to making timely decisions and acting on them promptly, understanding that taking action—even with the possibility of making mistakes—will lead to faster results and continuous improvement.
  • Not Having a Clear Schedule: Implement and consistently use a comprehensive scheduling system that includes both professional and personal commitments, utilizing tools like calendars and task management apps to effectively manage your time and increase productivity.
  • Making ‘or’ Decisions Instead of ‘and’ Decisions: When faced with multiple options, adopt a mindset of making ‘and’ decisions rather than ‘or’ decisions, allowing you to explore various paths simultaneously and evaluate their effectiveness, which can lead to better overall outcomes.
  • Not Having a Mentor: Proactively seek and maintain relationships with mentors who are more experienced and successful, as their guidance, accountability, and insights can significantly accelerate your growth and help you avoid costly mistakes.


“If you’re a slave to the tool, if the tool is driving you, rather than you using the tool to enhance your knowledge and your capability, then you’re looking at it from the wrong end of the spectrum.” —  Neil Tyra

“One of the biggest factors in my own growth has been having a good, amazing mentor in my life who has been able to kind of show me the ways.” —  Sam Mollaei

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