367. Changing Your Behavior to Change Your Business with Steph Tuss

Today, my guest is Steph Tuss. Steph is the CEO of a company called Light Is Now, a consulting company that works with small firms and businesses, including law firms, to help them grow, prosper, and to give time back to those who are leading those endeavors to live their best life. We had her business partner, David Neagle, on last year and I wanted to have Steph on because she has more of the hands-on, tactical role in their company, whereas David is the more visionary individual, and so I wanted to kind of complete the picture with her. She gives some great tips and you will get some great takeaways. 

In this episode, Neil and Steph discuss:

  • Understanding why you don’t do the things you know you need to do. 
  • Utilizing an integrator in your business to focus on your areas of genius. 
  • Putting dissatisfaction into action. 
  • Working with your team not controlling and micromanaging. 


Key Takeaways:

  • There are two parts to change: awareness and applying new behaviors. 
  • If you don’t hire the right people, it will be harder for your business to succeed. Your team is only as good as your worst player. 
  • Set your team up for success from the beginning. Until you have the right things in your business, you don’t know if you are stifling your A-Players. 
  • Be willing to pay for one person who can do the jobs you need done well, rather than spending less on multiple people who will do it less well. 


“You’ve got to start employing new behaviors because that’s the only way that change actually occurs. If you just have the awareness, nothing changes, nothing happens. You have to show up differently, which means you have to act differently.” —  Steph Tuss

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