Success! We Are Up and Running on iTunes!

Finally, we are up and running on iTunes! What a journey. I really want to thank Geoff Woods of The Mentee Podcast who provided the coaching to get us here. And my producer and sound engineering wizard, Cody Boyce of Podcast Masters who has performed some real magic making this sound so good. And of course my guests this first week, Thomas Simeone and Chris Berry.

I got a lot of feedback from folks who seemed surprised that the show appealed to someone other than an attorney. That is by design. While I think the attorney who wants to start their own practice is the initial niche, for the show to have real legs it has to appeal outside of that demographic as well. So I purposely am positioning it to provide value to anyone starting their own business or who wants to grow their business - particularly if it involves the internet. So don't think you can't share it with non-attorneys.

I also got some valuable advise about adding some show components that we will work into future episodes. Things like a summary, for instance. So that is very helpful and appreciated.

Anyway, I am very grateful to have the first couple of episodes on iTunes and look forward to the future.

Next week we will release three episodes:

Episode #3 - Victor Medina
Episode #4 - Zvi Band
Episode #5 - Derek Coburn
Please consider leaving a positive review on iTunes. It is the life blood of search ranking.

About the author, Neil Tyra

All through his legal career, Neil has been a pioneer in the use of leveraging technology to allow for the growth and prosperity of his law firm while providing outstanding client service. Recognition of his expertise and leadership in the legal technology space culminated in his creation of the popular legal podcast “The Law Entrepreneur”.

The podcast addresses the statement “What They Didn’t Teach Us about Running a Business in Law School”. It focuses on what it takes to start and run a solo or small firm law practice. Mostly the podcast includes interviews with successful solos and small firms to learn what they are doing right, what they have done wrong, what they wish they would have done differently. In addition, Neil interviews other entrepreneurs and business owners whose skill sets might be of interest to new law firm owners. Lastly, he loves to have what he calles “gadget folks” - those who have a product or service to sell that might help solo attorneys - on the show.