The Good Times (Vegas), The Bad Times (Sick)

Yep, that pretty much describes why I haven't written anything for awhile. First I was out at the Lawyernomics 2016 conference in Las Vegas sponsored by AVVO. Then I got deathly ill with some type of bubonic plague or maybe it's just a bad cold or sinus infection. I'm thinking more like the plague though. But when you think about it, two cross country flights, two big airports, a convention of 600+, a massive hotel and casino full of people - it's really no mystery as to why I am sick.

But you know who doesn't get sick? My wife Noel. Now, she's not exactly a germaphobe but she does a lot of things to try and insure she stays healthy. She's a committed vegan so her vegetable and fruit intake is through the roof. She is a Purell fanatic. And when we get on an airplane, she wipes everything down around her with a disinfectant wipe and she wears a personal air purifier around her neck. Is she crazy? Maybe a little bit. But is she sick? Nope. She's sitting on the beach while I am home miserable. So who is the smart one here.

The conference was great. I decided to simply recap my observations of what I heard and saw (minus the debacle I suffered at the gaming tables) in Episode #11 and Episode #12. And while I don't think I did the conference justice in my review (perhaps that's just the haze of medication clouding my view), hopefully you will get a sense of how good it was, especially for the cost. So please go listen to those episodes and tell me what you think. I could use some constructive criticism so feel free to either leave a comment on the website ( or you can drop me an email at

And here's a little goodie just for you. One of the more interesting vendors that I spoke with was ApexChat out of Pleasanton, CA. I hope to have them on the show very soon. ApexChat provides on-line, real-time chat services on your website. You know how when you go to a website a little box pops up and asks if you want to chat with someone? Well you can add that capability easily to your law firm website using ApexChat. I was so impressed that I signed up immediately and now have that feature live on my website. So stay tuned fellow law entrepreneurs as I may have some further news about that that effects you here soon.

OK, that's all I can muster in this fog of illness and delirium.

Oh, a couple of other quick points. We got a really wonderful, unsolicited endorsement from Ben Stevens, "The MacLawyer" which you can read here. Thank you so much, Ben.

Also, Valerie Nowottnick, Episode #9, sent out a lovely email to the Maryland Bar Association list serve noting that she just picked up a client in Huntsville, AL who heard her on our podcast, contacted her, and retained her to do discovery support. I'd love to know who is listening to us in Alabama.

So as always, thank you for supporting the podcast.

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Thanks so much!

About the author, Neil Tyra

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